Glass for grinding reeds by FedotovReeds

Grinding glass, designed for the reeds for fine tuning by the strength and sound improvement.

If the reed is initially a little heavy, or if in the process of “breaking in”, sometimes it becames heavier with  "hissing" sound, attack is getting "sluggish", such reeds can be significantly improved with a special grinding glass designed for the "bottom table" of the reed. This process eliminates the slightest irregularities or imperfection on its flat side, where it is adjacent to the mouthpiece. This step makes the reed at the same time a little softer, it means using this technic with caution you can actually change the strength of the reed to softer side. It is advisable not to press the tip of the reed when grinding, because it can dramatically effect the sound quality. To achieve the best result, it’s important to press the reed only in the center of the body. The reed prior should be moistened with water. For better grinding result do not make a circular pass. Use only left and right passes on the long side. This technic will polish the reed bottom table and close pores of the reed.

After grinding, the glass should be rinsed with water.