Reeds for clarinet

The "Allegro" 

new in 2018

created in conjunction with outstanding professional clarinetists, the thickness of the tip of these reeds is medium compare to other models, the sound is condensed and rich. They are free blowing and at the same time stable in all registers, have the most accurate articulation and an excellent core spring.

The "Sonore"

reeds are perfectly balanced and allow precise articulation in all registers. They have been created to satisfy the demands of every clarinetist who value versatility and instant response of the reeds and help them to discover the true potential of any mouthpiece.

The "Concertino"

model was the first model of clarinet reeds we introduced, and remains our most popular product. These reeds have a clean focused tone and distinct "spring" that gives a feeling of total freedom of playing throughout the entire range at any dynamics.

The "Nocturne"

model was created to satisfy the demands of clarinetists who pay special attention to the depth, darkness, and richness of the tone. The overall thickness of the blank is greater than that of the Concertino reeds, and the tip is 0.01mm thicker as well. These reeds have a “fatter” tone and work better with closed tip mouthpieces.